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Adventure Activities in Nepal - Adventure Tour

Blessed with daunting peaks and mountains, fascinating rivers, challenging terrain and numerous natural marvels, Nepal have been prime destination for adventurous sport in the world. Be it paragliding, Zip flyer, Ultra Flight, River Rafting or Mountain biking, the country offers plenty of adventurous locations for adventure junkies.

With numerous snowy-peaks, pristine nature, diverse culture and geography, Nepal was only well-known for best location for trekking, hiking and mountaineering activities. Recently, adventurous sports is gaining popularity in this small Himalaya kingdom. Visit Nepal and savor the physically and mentally challenging adventurous sports in the lap of nature.

Kathmandu and Pokhara are major cities that is uniquely blessed for conducting adventurous activities. 4Season Treks offers plenty of adventurous sports whether it is bungee jumping over 160m gorge or paragliding over the lakes, cities and villages dotted with religious sites and prayer flags or recently installed swing jump, Zip Flyer and more. We offer the best guided adventure tour for ultimate experience of adventure and satisfaction.   

Mountain Flight in Nepal

Mountain Flight Tour is an exotic air-flight or heli-flight towards the spectacular mountain of Nepal. 4seasons Trek’s mountain flight package not only takes you closer to the mountain but ensures long-flight time to enjoy the scenery beneath you.

Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Helicopter Tour is designed to travel in Himalayan ranges to experience adventure in few hours which starts from Kathmandu and ends in Kathmandu. We offer special rates for Everest Heli tour, Annapurna Helicopter tour, Langtang Helicopter view tour as well helicopter service in all areas of Nepal.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Set amidst of exotic nature and ecological riches, the 160m tall Bhote Koshi is one of the highest natural Bungee Jumping spot in Nepal. Bungee Jumping Tour is designed to allow you explore the wilderness and enjoy the thrill and heart-pumping jumping in-between two gorges of Bhote Khoshi River.

Paragliding Tour in Nepal Himalaya

Paragliding tour in Nepal takes you to sky on thermal over snowy-peaks and stunning lakes like nowhere else in the world. This exotic air tour offers some of magical scenery on earth; fly you up to share the airspace with birds and kites and float over the colorful villages, forest, monasteries and lake along with the stunning view of Himalaya.

Zip Flyer Tour in Nepal

Zip Flyer Tour has added new dimension for adventurous sport in Nepal. The experience offered is incomparable with anything you have experienced before. It is probably world’s largest, fastest and steepest Zip line that is sure to pump your adrenaline rush.

Ultra Flight Tour in Nepal

Ultra-Flight Tour is another best way to explore the full spectrum of the stunning Pokhara valley along with great mountains and lakes other than trekking. Ultralight is a small aircraft with no window and only two person can be accommodated including piolet and the passenger. This small aircraft, powered by engine can reach close to the mountain.

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